— Eliminate the symptoms of aging and disease naturally to look and feel younger and more radiant —

INTENSIVE 8 WEEKS: Reverse your metabolic age and improve your health to feel full of energy and vitality...

...whitout having to spend the whole day hungry, in the gym, and trying expensive supplements and creams

This is what you will get once you have finished the program:

How will we work to help your metabolism function as if you were 10 years younger?

“Trust & Live” method is a unique 8-week program with personalized mentoring that is divided into 4 phases of 2 weeks each that focus on: goal creation, nutrition, movement and emotions management; the 4 fundamental pillars for longevity.

Throughout which I will help you become the confident, energetic and attractive person that you really are. This is an education program that you will take with you for the rest of your life.

As it is a mentorship, you are accompanied at all times. You have direct access to me and the rest of the participants via Whatsapp, to answer questions and share successes in a warm, empathetic and encouraging way.

What do you achieve in each of the phases?

This is what you will get at the end of each of the phases:

Phase 1. Trace the path to a new you
1.1. After filling out a form, I will analyze it and in the initial consultation we will draw up a personalized plan for you to achieve your goals in the field of health: diet, supplements, fitness, other habits, etc.
In addition, you receive a 2-week menu with super easy and quick recipes and a shopping list so you can start feeling lighter with your diet.
1.2. Yoga: we focus on 4 introspection classes to improve your concentration and calm the nervous system and reduce stress levels. Lower stress levels and activation of the parasympathetic system correlates with a better standard of living. This introspection will also give you moments to become aware of your body, your intuition and your emotions to discover your real purpose.
1.3. Microtasks: Short meditations focused on visualizing your future to help you score goals and microtasks focused on the same, for example: make a vision board, create your ideal routine, etc.
You now have your purpose and path outlined and know how you are going to get there; you begin to include changes in your diet by creating dishes that you love, loosening up your body and managing stress.


Phase 2. We look deep into your nutrition; I teach you to create your own menus so that you learn to nourish your cells and multiply your energy with complete autonomy
2.1. In the nutrition masterclass I will teach you in more detail how to plan your own menus and adapt your favorite dishes to go one step further to protect your health. Practice it, send me your menus and I can review them.
2.2. Yoga: we focus on 4 classes that improve the digestive system and the endocrine system to optimize your absorption and metabolism of nutrients and also balance your hormones.
2.3. Microtasks: Each meditation will give you a different affirmation related to food that will help reinforce healthy habits. In the microtasks you will try new foods and recipes, research the diet, watch documentaries, etc.
Now you now know how to fuel and move your body to optimize your metabolism and get you closer to your path.


Phase 3. Get moving and start to regain your strength and flexibility to burn calories with minimal effort
3.1. I teach you how to create a functional program tailored to you that reduces your metabolic age and gives you the strength to sustainably become a fat-burning machine.
3.2. Yoga: we focus on 4 classes that improve the respiratory and osteoskeletal system to oxygenate the tissues and enhance your vitality. Also, we go one step further and try Vinyasa Yoga that will make us sweat a little more.
Remember that a mobile body and a calm and centered mind are a healthy and young body and mind. Yoga gives you a greater range of motion by strengthening your joints, improves your strength and flexibility, and fixes your posture.
 3.3. Microtasks: Each meditation will give you affirmations to motivate you to mobilize your body and with the microtasks you try different fun ways to exercise and also to repair the body.
You have started an exercise routine that adapts to your circumstances and together with your diet you have the perfect combination to add years to your life.


Phase 4. We focus on managing your emotions and thoughts to ensure that your lifestyle habits are maintained in the long term
4.1 Personalized follow-up consultation to see how goals have been met, create new goals for the future and deliver a new support menu for another 2 weeks.
We will deepen in the management of emotions and in this way you will be 100% prepared and in control of your health habits, which will be your greatest ally against premature aging.
4.2. Yoga: we focus on 4 classes for the cardiac system and chest opening to help circulation and release emotions. Get in touch with the depths of your being and create compassion for yourself that will help you take care of yourself forever.
4.3. Microtasks: Each meditation will give you a different affirmation to help you stay present and calm. Microtasks will help you discover more about yourself: you take a personality test, discover the power of the law of attraction, etc.
At the end of this phase you will have control over your emotions and this, together with your diet and exercise routine already implemented, and having your goals always in mind as fuel, you will be able to maintain these habits forever.

You will also receive these FREE BONUSES to guarantee your success:

  • Full availability on Whatsapp: Where I will respond in less than 24 hours and you also have a group with your program partners so that we can learn from each other, share recipes, advice, successes and motivation.
  • Monthly planner template so you can write your month’s plan in a very visual way and you can prioritize your self-care and health.
  • Mobility class. This class is an ideal resource to help gently and easily mobilize each joint.
  • Workshop to eliminate stress: Perform an exercise that will give you stillness and mental clarity so that you can have control in all aspects of your life.

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Invest now and save on doctors, treatments and medications. Also, get something priceless: health and life.

Meet my Success Stories

Below, you can see some success stories of my students who have already achieved results following my methodology:

How to secure your spot on the program?

Ready to start? Book a clarity call HERE or write to me on WhatsApp at +34649939670 and I will tell you how to register. Make sure you book your place as soon as possible as there are limited spaces so I can focus on each student.
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